Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.



I think the concept of “spiritual poverty” may become a cornerstone of my philosophy. There’s such appeal in the virtue of absence. An emptiness of soul. A wasteland of subjective purpose.


The best things I’ve ever owned
Are the things I’ve given away
Their quality and worth improved
Through the act of rejection

Below is another version of the same idea…

An empty pocket
A full stomach
And a quiet mind
Are fortune enough


Pushing this ball of humanity forward
I glimpse starlight
Through the tangled limbs
And mindless ambition


A spiritual poverty
And strict economy of the flesh
Lifts the veil
On a vast horizon


I don’t hate The Machine
I simply wish to limit my support
Through diminished consumption


Wouldn’t it be an a wonderful thing, if adolescent people were sat down at one point, and told they did not have to participate in The Machine.


I’m becoming suspicious that the “mass of men” can never know any lasting relief from life’s “tedium and ennui”. The life they clamor and complain over is often quite their own doing, either through “resignation” or lack of effort or imagination towards another way. I’m currently stuck there too, though I may at last muster the simultaneous will and resolve to find a new and better way.

Oh, and my thanks to Mr. Thoreau for use of his wonderful words in quote. 🙂

Neil: “I don’t fully understand, but i think i was there when i worked in GAME. I then left and went to university. good luck with your escape plan!”

Though not universal the problem is nearly so and evident with anyone who regularly expresses dissatisfaction with their current life circumstance. Anyone (even those with families) can find relief through simplification (no consumer debt, humble home and lifestyle, etc) which benefit is freedom from the obligation of hard work. This formula is clear and within reach, in time, to nearly anyone who wants it. The larger problem though is that few really want that freedom if it comes at the cost of diminishing their outward, and most superfluous, appearance of success. Most would rather remain poor in spirit and happiness in order appear rich in life accoutrements.

Neil: ” that’s society for you isn’t it? peer pressure and all that. I would live a simple life but if I do that I can’t eventually make games and inspire others.”

This prescription is only for those who do not enjoy and wish to continue their current circumstances. If you love making games and look forward to waking each day to that life and adventure then you have achieved a very worthy success. Good luck with your dream!


That warm rock in the sunshine. A good place to sit. A worthy spot to indulge humility. Bask in simplicity. And enjoy the practice of principled self discipline.


I want for nothing because I want nothing.


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