Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Path of Wildness FAQ

Q: What is “The Path of Wildness“?

A: The Path of Wildness is…

  • the course of our first inclination
  • someplace best trod alone
  • neither safe nor sane
  • innately practical
  • nowhere visible
  • clear and distinct when found
  • unconsciously perceived
  • immediate
  • easily found and lost
  • something to fear
  • requires no intellect
  • an end in itself
  • a place without questions or answers
  • anyone can find it anytime
  • invisible to groups
  • sanctuary
  • has no intrinsic value
  • tastes like poetry
  • requires no movement
  • akin to gravity
  • flows like a river
  • settles like a sea


The Path of WildnessThe Path of Wildness is easy to find
The course of a stream
Leaves blown in the wind
A beast’s track through the brush
And the direction of our first inclination

The Path of Wildness is an answer and response to a prescribed way of life which may leave some individuals with a sense that their living is little more than a series of pre-determined, step-like episodes between birth and death. The stages of living between these events: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood and senior are themselves natural and in accord with the needs of the species and most individuals. Many find their satisfaction in living this course and to these individuals I have little or nothing to say. Others though long for something more; something innate, genetic and seemingly calling. Adventure and change can give a degree of satisfaction and relief yet even these may seem too tame. To those who feel drawn to something beyond the entertainment and stimulation of senses I offer a walk along The Path of Wildness. Don’t bother penciling the event in your schedule, preparing a pack with goodies and supplies or even inviting a friend along, for this experience is along the course of your first inclination and you must surely always go alone.

Learn more about The Path of Wildness here: http://wp.me/P5A2F-As

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