Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

Self Governance


Peace is easy
When expectation is reduced
To the level of reality


I walk a lot. Lately, I’ve begun using this activity as an opportunity to exercise improved control over both my body and mind.

With the body, I’m taking more deliberate steps, and maintaining improved control – oversight might be a better word – over their placement and motion. When walking the dog, I allow him more leadership – especially on my days off when I’ve nowhere in particular to go – which provides a sort of training and practice for me of giving over control to the virtuous end of allowing my dog some healthy liberty. I also get to exercise some healthy apathy in managing my response to things which are either outside my control, or for which I’ve given up control.

As for my mind, I’m aligning my thoughts to keep better watch over my breath; that steady in through the mouth and out through the nose which does wonders to balance thinking in alignment with the body. Once I hit my rhythm my walk becomes almost a float, in the same way the rest of my living is buoyed and maintained through purposeful, deliberate choice and action. It’s a better way of walking, and a good model to improved living.


* Included in “My Muse is a Corpse”


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