Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.



My curiosity has lately revealed just how empty my mind really is. The experience is like reaching for a tool you don’t possess and realize you must make do without.


Instinct is worthy of trust as it reflects the conclusions of Reason borne of long and unconscious trial and error.


Hope is an impotent want
Devoid of action
Empty of motion
Like a rock in the desert
Wanting to be somewhere else

Hi Kid… Beware of Hope. It’s not what folks dress it up to be. Throughout your life you’ll hear people use this word like a virtue, as though hope were a good thing to have, and as if those who maintain it are engaged in some noble endeavor towards some worthy goal or end. That’s not what Hope is. Hope is nothing. It’s resignation with anticipation towards something better. Real virtue requires effort, action and an objective standard by which we guide and measure our ideas and actions in order to tune these towards the mark. Whenever you encounter a worthwhile endeavor, some goal you genuinely wish to attain, know you can reach it better through real, measurable, effort. Let Fortitude and Will be your engines of motion. Use your Logic and Reason to choose the way and Ingenuity to clear the path or find another way when obstacles block the path.

Hope leverages forces outside yourself. It stands still and waits for the Universe to notice and take action. In some cases the Samaritan will lend a hand, though mostly Chance is Hope’s real savior. I’d rather not rest my fortune in Chance.


Let not a single thought escape my mind which has not suffered the scrutiny of reason.


The older I get the more distant and indistinct the apparition of truth


While recognized falsehood grows in piles around me


I’ve lately come to distrust any philosophy which requires consensus. Hesitant to enter any building where DOUBT isn’t emblazoned on the lintel. How much better companions who disagree. More satisfying the sleepless night.


The pathway of reason reveals a vista of sound belief, where beauty, comfort and peace are quite beside the point.


Reason is the arbiter of virtue. What other force can provide a more accurate or worthy measure? *


Credulity puts on airs with the feigned dignity of dogma and the false virtue of faith. Better to go through life without answers than to believe without good reason. *


Reason is the arbiter of virtue. What other force can provide a more accurate or worthy measure? *


* Included in “My Muse is a Corpse”

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