Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.



My curiosity has lately revealed just how empty my mind really is. The experience is like reaching for a tool you don’t possess and realize you must make do without.


I desire to cultivate a disregard for convention. Not disdain. But indifference. What standard is greater proof than the determination proved of individual will, through honest and proven methodology. Who’s way should I follow ahead of my own carefully evaluated path. When my way proves wanting I must yield to nothing other than sounder reason tempered with honest caution.


Don’t tell me what you’ve learned
I’d rather know what you’ve found


A good college experience is so much more than education.


The best part of college was in everything other than the education I refused to receive.


The marriage of poetry and philosophy
Is the surest union


Rather than “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” I suggest “Burn out, Tune In, Drop Out” as drugs are far less convincing than life experience.


My next profession shall be in the field of demolition; setting charges and preparing mines at the foundation of my every intellectual tower and edifice, striving always to lay asunder anything I hold dear which does not rightly deserve to stand.


We spend our lives bartering our freedom for goods and services.


My 50+ Manifesto
1. Carry no consumer debt
2. Work as little as possible
3. Never buy razors and visit the barber twice a year
4. Always dress for a luau
5. Keep and use a kitchen garden
6. Walk, bike and only drive as a last resort
7. Listen and talk to children
8. Live in a house with a porch
9. Go outdoors when it rains
10. Movie and popcorn every two weeks
11. Stroll Main street with my wife
12. Share life with a dog nobody wants


As a parent I often lament what I failed to give while being startled at what the child has found without me.


Doubt is the antidote to certainty. And should be applied in equal measure.


I’m starting to think that YouTube was simply a diversion along the way. Like stopping off to snap photos at the Grand Canyon.

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