Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

Freezing in Siberia – Going Alone

It’s possible to shiver, shake and freeze, seemingly to death, amidst the warm comfort of the secure and familiar. Only certain people seem vulnerable to this threat, who must seem … Continue reading

January 31, 2018 · 2 Comments

Dawn in Siberia – Going Alone

I enjoy waking up alone in strange places. The alone part is not for the sake of being alone, but for the benefit of not having the comfort of anyone … Continue reading

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Morning lightning in the Mojave desert – Going Alone

Lightning is a seasonal companion in the Eastern Mojave Desert, though I’ve never seen it flash over the Deep-Water Wilderness, which has no high mountains or peaks to draw out … Continue reading

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The delayed reward of adventure – Going Alone

There’s a tipping point in every adventure alone in wild places, a moment when our irrational fears are behind us, and the necessity of confronting the hard facts of what’s … Continue reading

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The Feast of Offal – The Good Life – 161216 HOS v.15.1

We dine daily upon the foul discard of our fellows. Why do we taste it? Why put such filth to our mouths? Appearances deceive; we think we owe the refuse … Continue reading

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The Home of Good and Evil – The Good Life – 161214 HOS v.15.0

HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS Human beings have individual and community rights which must be developed, protected and respected, especially as individuals relate to the majority of society. THREE OBJECTIVES The … Continue reading

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Good and Evil – The Good Life – 161214 HOS v.14.1

Good and evil are states of mind, biases in perspective and preference, no more absolute than love. AFFIRMATION OF HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS I won’t forgot the totality of my … Continue reading

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The Season of Philosophy – The Good Life – 161213 HOS v.14.0

Such a season to arrive without broadcast and fade without note. Our time to inquire, to arrange, order, and catalogue our thoughts and experience; to make sense of life and … Continue reading

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War and Simplicity – The Good Life – 161212 HOS v.13.0

War upon myself. Such a worthless foe. So petty and preconceived. Abiding base truth. Arguments of folly. Stupid, really. Yet clinging to vain falsity. Faith upon faith. Will I ever … Continue reading

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Worrisome indifference – The Good Life – 161210 HOS v.12.3

What road the course of indifference? How alien the landscape does become. My family and friends mere objects; our dreams manifesting the mindless agenda of our genes. No soul, no … Continue reading

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