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A key to happiness – Healthy Living – LylesBrother

Here’s a link to the book MULLY recommends: http://www.amazon.com/Low-Blood-Sugar-Handbook-Suffer/dp/0916503046 Here’s a link to my personal daily menu: http://sonsofgrizzly.com/blog/view/1670/kurts-imperfect-menu And here’s a link to MULLY’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WarmothStrat —- Welcome to … Continue reading

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There are no bridges here

There’s never an easier way for those who are long hesitant. Wait too long and the route ahead may vanish. Replaced with what? The Path of Wildness is easy to … Continue reading

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There’s a woodsman’s cabin on the near slope of Mt Wildness

Only the faintest trace remains of the trail which a woodsman made to this place. What enterprise he hoped to achieve in remaining here night upon night was seemingly lost … Continue reading

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After a certain point we all begin to dissolve

Dissolution is genetic, bodily and seemingly essential. Do, make and say what you must before everything turns to sand. The Path of Wildness is easy to find The course of … Continue reading

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The blessing of becoming lost

Stumbling along, a rising sense of panic and concern. Night should be coming soon. That howling… All senses are now keen, intellect intertwined with instinct. Our chance to survive the … Continue reading

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Ordinary light becomes strange

The colors are there always, though far stranger than our eyes might register. An invisible rainbow slowly revealed as our steps draw us deeper from safety, further from certainty, to … Continue reading

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A child on The Path of Wildness – LylesBrother

Innocence renders the initial step unnecessary; for youthful movement is from the first intuitive, earnest and seemingly irrevocable. Welcome to the LylesBrother blog. My name is Kurt Bell and I … Continue reading

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Sundown on Mt. Wildness

I was just able to snap this photo before the sun passed below the summit of Mt. Wildness. I’m not ashamed to confess that I was more than a little … Continue reading

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Sometimes go where you do not want to go

Though it may be dangerous, there is no better way to prove yourself wrong than to venture where you’d rather not. It’s a good thing sometimes to become very cold, … Continue reading

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Mt. Wildness is a dark place

Fear is a useful thing when it keeps us from unnecessary harm. With much practice though our fear can become a focus point of safety; a darkness, blinding sight and … Continue reading

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