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Anxiety catalyst – Going Alone

Anxiety strikes nearly every time I’m very far into the wild, and in territory I’ve never visited. It rarely meets me where I’ve been before, even when situations go bad, … Continue reading

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Becoming afraid while alone in the wild – Going Alone

The scariest things in the wild are accident and imagination, especially when we’re alone, and are without the comfort, aid and reassuring words of a travelling partner. I take pains … Continue reading

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Exploring in dark places – Secular Thinking – LylesBrother

The Path of Wildness is easy to find The course of a stream Leaves blown in the wind A beast’s track through the brush And the direction of our first … Continue reading

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Letting go – Sons of Grizzly – LylesBrother

“Hi Kurt, you’ve probably seen me commenting here and there on your videos and posts, I really enjoy your videos and all of the interesting stuff you’ve been posting about … Continue reading

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Your own face is fearful here – The Path of Wildness

I’d worry less about strangers here, than the aspect of your own reflection. The path will not wait for you. Linger long and you must select another. Longer still and … Continue reading

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Photograph of the far side of Mt. Wildness

While rummaging through some files I happened upon this image of Mt. Wildness. The photo impossibly seems to show the terrifying far side of the mountain. How the image was … Continue reading

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Wildness is not about being outdoors

The response message below is one I sent to a friend who contacted me regarding the video “Why I hike alone.” Thank you for writing to share your thoughts about … Continue reading

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Mt. Wildness is a place more terrifying than fear

It’s the place our mind can’t bear to go, though for some the prohibition proves more invitation than warning. They step from the light suddenly and are gone. Some return … Continue reading

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Mt. Wildness is the landscape of fear

Death is just one of many ends to be encountered off the grid, disconnected and quite alone. Stay behind in the warm, congested nest if you’d rather meet your end … Continue reading

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Sometimes go where you do not want to go

Though it may be dangerous, there is no better way to prove yourself wrong than to venture where you’d rather not. It’s a good thing sometimes to become very cold, … Continue reading

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