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The deeply connected hike – Going Alone

With this outing, I was experimenting with how long I could remain exposed and moving out in the open desert, on a day when temps would top out at around 110 degrees F. (43 C.). I learned that I don’t want to be more than an hour away from shade after approximately 8:00 AM.

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The Good Life – 063017 HOS v.18.0

The Good Life Meditation is my daily effort of recounting, considering and developing my personal life objectives and principals. I perform the action of verbally listing and describing these points each day, typically at dawn, as a start and readiness to the coming day.

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Walking meditation

I walk a lot. Lately, I’ve begun using this activity as an opportunity to exercise improved control over both my body and mind. With the body, I’m taking more deliberate … Continue reading

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My dead muse is gone

My dead muse is gone… The only words which remain now are my own. These thoughts are familiar…though they come with that same labored effort I’ve known since youth…like pulling … Continue reading

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Has my dead muse died?

Is it possible my dead muse has died? Is that even feasible? If not truly dead, she certainly seems less present. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been so long from her … Continue reading

March 23, 2017 · 2 Comments

Maintaining a happy home

Where will you set up house? Though the body must reside in some shelter of a sort to keep it safe and warm, the mind needs only space and liberty … Continue reading

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To my daughter: on the topic of ethics

As you embark on your adult life you’ll find need of principals and ethics to guide you. From your mother you’ve received the fact of being Japanese, which identity is self-contained with a quite complete system of morals and a very mature world view.

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To my daughter: on living well

You are still young, and perhaps enjoying greatly the thrilling fury and turmoil of a mind just coming to grips with the tantalizing interests and distractions of adult life.

March 20, 2017 · 2 Comments

How much is enough?

How much is enough? For myself, it is enough to stop asking this question. For if my ethics are sound, my reason keen, and my intent judicious, then there will … Continue reading

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My dead muse persists

It’s been over a month now since my dead muse followed me back from the desert. She’s always right here whenever my mind falls away from the fore. She lurks … Continue reading

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