Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.



Seeking a challenging role as a Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst or Project Manager in a growing organization with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure development needs.

IT service professional specializing in planning, design, transition and continued service improvement of IT business infrastructure, serving the needs of private and public sector industry. Talented and accomplished professional with experience building a collaborative bridge between business, IT, and operations. Key strengths are managing collaborative sessions for clarifying business strategic goals, requirements elicitation, business process modeling, process re-engineering, business information mapping and identifying key performance indicators. Independent big picture thinker who can create a business strategy in the form of programs and projects.

I am comfortable and competent in leadership through every stage of the service delivery lifecycle. I’m at my best with complex, challenging projects requiring the help of many process practitioners who’s activities I can assist, guide and manage through personal interface and regular project status meetings. My best skill though is with the all-important interface with both technical and non-technical customers and stakeholders, who’s value goals I must understand and to whom I must clearly and accurately explain realistic IT solutions in language which is meaningful, relevant and complete, and which gives them reassurance that IT has their best near and long-term interests in mind.

Experience (ordered by relevance)

Business Systems Analyst III                                                        2014-present
Current employer name available upon request
Riverside, California

Working on behalf of the Information Technology group, I delivered on projects of various size; including analysis and documentation of new organizational processes, reports for management on new technology, and working as project manager for major department deliverables. Examples of my work include working as technical project manager for the deployment of new Microsoft email and instant messaging services to replace the organization’s legacy GroupWise mail server. Our team successfully delivered three new mission critical services over three months to a department of several thousand users. The project was completed without schedule slips or downtime while helping users traverse a significant new service learning curve. I also successfully delivered a comprehensive technology roadmap to an audience of senior-level executives. This roadmap document was designed to superimpose the organization’s high-level business initiatives as well as department goals onto a timeline of IT project completion and service upgrade dates.

Value delivery:
My objective as a Business Systems Analyst II was the effective delivery of improved communication between the business and technical units of our organization, leading to improvements in project scope, execution and implementation. In addition, I sought to help non-technical senior management to better understand the processes of IT and how these relate to our department’s ability to maintain current foundation infrastructure while working to add new products and services to satisfy the needs of our business customers.


  • Act as project manager
  • Perform technical analysis and communication
  • Develop new and improved business and technical processes
  • Work as liaison between the technical and business sides of the house
  • Assist technical personnel with documentation for non-technical consumption
  • Help my unit stay on target with larger organizational goals and objectives

Project Manager/Lead Content Developer                     1996-2003
Software.com/Openwave Systems
Santa Barbara, California

I led the planning, development and implementation of service solutions for complex, distributed architecture infrastructure being deployed worldwide at many of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. I was directly responsible for sourcing information from engineers regarding new and changed features and architecture, as well as working with representatives from other departments to ensure the company communicated an accurate and consistent product message to all external customers. In this role I participated and led in the development of a complete service offering for the following products: Openwave Email Mx, Openwave Domain Name System (DNS) server and the Openwave Lightweight Directory Applications Protocol (LDAP) system.

Value delivery:
My main objective while working at Software.com/Openwave Systems was to ensure that our customers were prepared for live operation of our products in their high-end production environments. This was accomplished through the establishment of good working relationships at the earliest stage of engagement, a thorough understanding of the needs of the customer and their users and complete training and support of their deployment and operations personal. Continued customer satisfaction was ensured through regular follow-up meetings and reviews which helped ensure our team was providing the level and quality of service necessary throughout the entire service lifecycle.


  • Act as Project Manager and Lead Training Course Developer
  • Research and verify project requirements
  • Create a service development plan and project schedule
  • Assemble a service development team
  • Develop education-related content and assist contributing team members as needed
  • Host regular team meetings to assess status and address problems
  • Communicate project status to management
  • Act as project representative in cross-department team meetings
  • Solicit product subject matter experts to act as training content reviewers
  • Organize and conduct training material review sessions
  • Organize and conduct “train-the-trainer” sessions designed to enable assigned project instructors to deliver new or improved course materials
  • Coordinate and deliver the initial alpha test of a new or updated course to internal subject matter experts and assigned project Instructors
  • Certify assigned instructors to teach a new or updated course or module
  • Ensure on-time completion of high-quality project deliverables
  • Attend first customer delivery of a new or updated training to verify course quality
  • Archive and maintain materials, records and other documents as needed
  • Plan for next phase of development
  • Develop new business processes for IT based on ITIL framework.
  • Select and recommend software and hardware based on the organization needs.
  • Maintain, support, and administer software applications.
  • Create requests for TPF’s and RFP’s.
  • Coordinate and communicate with end users, management, staff, and vendors on project issues and status.
  • Develop project work plans and schedules while monitoring project resources including staff, vendors, and budget.
  • Prepare project documents, requirements, reports, feasibility studies, cost/benefit analysis, and quality assurance and control standards.
  • Implement new and modified processes and systems by performing design, application development, installation and testing.
  • Provide customer support, training, and problem analysis for software applications.
  • Work collaboratively with teamsacross the software development life cycle, ability to build bridges with users, technical teams, internal and external customers, vendors, and other stakeholders resulting in positive collaboration and results.
  • Coordinate and communicate with end users, management, staff, and vendors on project issues and status.
  • Provide customer support, training, and problem analysis for software applications.
  • Conduct systems analysis and design of business processes involving evaluation of current and proposed information and business process flow, available and emerging technology hardware and software, and cost/benefits.
  • Determine operational objectives by studying business functions, gathering information, and evaluating output requirements and formats.

My work at Openwave Systems included on-site deployment to many large ISP and telecommunications companies such as AT&T (USA), Verizon (USA), Nortel (Canada), British Telcom (U.K.), T-Mobile (The Netherlands), Nexus (Switzerland), Orange S.A. (France), Telefónica (Spain), NTT Docomo (Japan), KDDI (Japan), Telekom Malaysia, Digicel (Jamaica) among many others.

Project Manager and Lead Curriculum Developer              2008-2013
Seibi Gakuen private schools
Shizuoka, Japan

The mission of Seibi Gakuen is to prepare Japanese K-12 students for entrance into some of Japan’s most prestigious and competitive universities, with English being a key element in the school curriculum. My role was in the identification of educational requirements through input and interface with the school’s English faculty, administration as well as research into proven teaching methodologies, followed by the design, training and implementation of new and updated course curriculum. The most challenging part of this job was keeping objectives and tasks on-track an in-line with expectations in a cross-cultural, mixed language work environment.

Value delivery:

  • Development of a comprehensive “Immersion English” program twice evaluated and favorably reviewed by one of Japan’s top experts in the field of ESL education.
  • Baseline measurement and demonstration of year-on-year improvement in student English skills during our annual Australia homestay program where student English proficiency was put to test in a real world setting.
  • Development of a comprehensive, dynamic PowerPoint-based lesson curriculum for each grade level with all materials centrally stored on servers available to computers in every classroom.
  • Development of easy to use and maintain Excel spreadsheets to guide instructors through each lesson, ensuring consistent content delivery no matter who is teaching.

Business Owner                                                                  2003-2008
Suruga Trading Service (STS)
Shizuoka, Japan

I developed Suruga Trading Services as an in-country interface and manufactured goods supplier for businesses outside Japan which required a reliable, English-friendly partner in the discovery and procurement of difficult-to-source Japanese products.

Value delivery:

  • The creation and implementation of a user-friendly website including shopping cart and secure checkout mechanism.
  • Development of a streamlined order fulfillment and shipping process which reduced average order fulfillment time by over 400% when measured on a year-by-year basis.
  • Development of an effective product listing process which reduced average listing time by over 250%.

Quality Assurance Tester                                                 1994-1996
America On-line
Santa Barbara, California

Responsible to test and certify AOL’s NaviServer and NaviPress software products. Worked with other QA staff as well as development engineers to design and implement software test plans, record and share results and benchmark product performance capabilities.

Life Skills Instructor                                                              1991-1994
Project Independence
Carpenteria, California

Responsible to teach independent living skills to developmentally disabled adults. I was responsible to assist in the assessment of client needs and capabilities and then help design and implement skills training plans designed to prepare our clients to move from an institutional setting into their own assisted-living apartment and to pursue and maintain work in the community.

Instructor                                                                             1994-1995
Regional Alliance for Information Networking (RAIN)
Santa Barbara, California

Rain.org is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing on-line educational services to the Internet community, specifically to schools and organizations which assist the disabled. My role at RAIN was in the development and delivery of community Internet training classes targeting students, volunteer organizations and the disabled and designed to help them access and use the Internet.

Business Skills

  • Project management
    I can manage projects successfully from the planning stage through development, assessment and finally deployment. Management of my projects is made easier through the use of proven software tools as well as methodologies founded in the industry standard processes of the Internet Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
  • Productivity tools
    I am very familiar with the suite of business applications available with the Microsoft Office suite of products. I am able to use these tools to successfully capture and communicate my ideas to others. Tools such as Microsoft Excel help me to produce useful worksheets and to organize and manage complex sets of data, and to create reproducible work-flow scenarios for regular operations where specialized steps and knowledge must be captured, stored and shared.
  • Communication
    I possess good interpersonal communication skills and have a reputation as a friendly and engaging individual. I am courteous and considerate of others, yet not afraid to address difficult problems through discussion and negotiation. I am most proud of my ability to work with others towards satisfactory resolution of potentially significant problems.

Technical Skills

  • Computer Operating System Experience
    • UNIX – Extensive experience with application installation, administration and troubleshooting.
    • Windows operating systems – Extensive experience with application installation, administration and troubleshooting.
  • Network Applications Experience
    • Email applications
    • Web server applications
    • Domain Name System (DNS) software
    • LDAP Directory systems
  • Training Course Development tools
    • Adobe FrameMaker, Photoshop and Illustrator
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Exceed PC X connectivity software
    • Perforce software configuration management system
    • PowerDirector video editing suite
  • Familiar Protocols


  • Video

Highly skilled and experience videographer capable of producing professional quality presentations and engaging educational tutorials. I have extensive experiencing in planning, shooting and performing in more than 3000 standalone video productions.


  • The IT Service Management Forum (itSMF)
    The knowledge network for IT service management
  • Maker Studios Content Partner
    Maker Studios helps me to manage and market my extensive library of on-line video content to markets such as the BBC, Animal Planet, National Geographic and the Canadian National Education Ministry.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication 1990
    Humboldt State University
    Arcata, California
  • Associate in Science in Biology 1986
    Chaffey Community College
    Rancho Cucamonga, California


  • ITIL Foundation certificate – 2013
  • Sun Solaris System Administration 1 certificate – 2002

Other interests

  • My family
  • Surfing, SCUBA diving
  • Hiking, mountaineering
  • Cross-country motorcycle touring

**References available upon request**




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