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A life of courage, joy and independence.

Going Alone – Where ma took control of the family

As the family began to fall to pieces – grandpa dead and buried besides the road, Tom clearly of a mind to leave the family, Rose of Sharon’s good-for-nothin’ husband … Continue reading

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GOING ALONE – Desert grave

A San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy once told me that if all the bodies scattered across the desert on either side of the highway along Routes 15, 44, 66 and … Continue reading

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GOING ALONE – It’s all hard hike

Some hikes are remembered for the landscape and experiences along the way, or for the emotions felt or challenges overcome. Other hikes are recalled for what is lost in the … Continue reading

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The Risk of Avoiding Risk

Life’s surface-level risks distract us with their nearness, and the apparent certain consequence of their neglect. All the while the deep risk of refusing our better nature wait to ambush … Continue reading

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The Good Life – A human operating system 01-26-18

The desert offers no comfort or reassurance of truth or certainty in the things we believe; which must instead stand or fall to ruin on their own merit, or lack … Continue reading

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Discovering Mt. Wildness

After more than a decade of searching, I think I’ve finally found Mt. Wildness—though I won’t know for sure until I get there (the view from this photo is from … Continue reading

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Lost Route 66 gas station – Going Alone

I discovered all that remains of the gas station and cafe at the California ghost town of Siberia. Sal and Ruth built this place in the 20’s out of mortar … Continue reading

February 8, 2018 · 1 Comment

Departing Siberia – Going Alone

Failure is always enlightening… I guess I should have known I wasn’t much of a match for the desert cold—especially if I don’t even bother to wear pants. This particular … Continue reading

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LETS RIDE! and talk vlogging, JVLOG & career – 02-01-18 – 2004 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motovlog

Come ride with me to discuss motovlogging audio configuration, the benevolence of Victor and MULLY, and the regaining of footing after a long career break. LET’S RIDE! My name is … Continue reading

February 2, 2018 · 2 Comments

Warming the “Big Iguana” – Going Alone

Though I enjoy walking long distances alone in the desert, it’s no fun when my motorcycle won’t start, and I’ve got to leave it behind for the ghosts and vultures. … Continue reading

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