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LOST JAPAN VIDEOS – Abandoned wasabi farm

Japan is a land of waterfalls. And with a history so long and deep there’s usually some mystery or wonder to be found around, over or within each and every waterfall we encounter. Even very deep in the mountains I’ve always followed the sound of falling water to discover what Japan had in store for today. #LostJapan

In this episode of Lost Japan I’d stopped by the side of the road to examine what appeared to be a structure swallowed in the forest greenery. After that, I spotted a faint trail leading up the canyon which led to the ruins of irrigation infrastructure for what may have been a wasabi radish farm. Of course there are blood-sucking leeches in this video. No proper summertime Lost Japan video would fail to include blood-sucking leeches.

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One comment on “LOST JAPAN VIDEOS – Abandoned wasabi farm

  1. Ilona Garrett
    March 20, 2018

    I love the visual poetry of much of your work. I am addicted to your lost Japan series et al. I have followed your advice at times, my fellow traveler on the way. Keep it up.

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