Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

LET’S RIDE to Laguna Beach California 02-24-18 2004 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motovlog

In the few years we’ve been here, the small area between the coastal mountains and the sea has become as pleasant a home to our family as any we’ve ever known. An abiding principal of our lives is to always live where we can enjoy the smell of the sea: be that in Humboldt County, Santa Barbara County, Shizuoka Prefecture or now Orange County. Sometimes, as the sun starts to go down, it’s nice to meander to the shore for a reminder of why we chose the beach life: In Humboldt County this often meant bundling up tight against the chill and powerful North Pacific winds, to stroll along miles of empty sand listening to fifty foot breakers crashing a half mile out to sea. In Santa Barbara, Yumiko and I would sometimes go to Butterfly Beach to snorkel with Glen among the gently swaying kelp beds, poking our heads up from the sea to watch the sun dipping low between the Channel Islands. In Shizuoka Japan, where the sea is a hereditary source of both livelihood and awe, our family would walk the black sands of Hagoromo where a beautiful goddess once danced for a humble fisherman, and the sunset on Mt. Fuji burns like gold in the evening sky. In Orange County now, sunset at the beach is a very casual affair, with well-dressed people talking and laughing beside a sea as placid as a lake, with light reflecting off the windows of million dollar seaside homes containing lives mortals like myself can only dream of. I come to the sea often – in the morning or the evening – to watch life start and wind-down, in a cycle set to the rhythm of waves and tide, and sunrise and sunset; sparkling of light upon the water, and flavored with the delicious salty sea air, and the optimism of humanity refreshed of such experience. It’s a place where memories are quickly made, to then fly away as quickly as gulls gliding above the bluffs, making room for the next set of sensations. Though I’m never sure where our home might be for the next chapter of our lives, I’m confident it will always be near the sea.

Come join me on a sunset ride from South Irvine down Laguna Canyon Road, through Laguna Beach proper, along the coast road and back up to Irvine via the Newport Coast.

My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of The Good Life with me. I’m available on social media at the links below and can be reached via email at softypapa@gmail.com

My book is available here:

Going Alone by Kurt Bell

Going Alone is an independent approach to living, uncovering what is real, and making peace with the facts of what is true no matter how the truth makes us feel. I upload at least one video a week for this series on my YouTube channel.

The Good Life is a formulated plan of objectives and principals designed to help us live a more virtuous life in accord with sound reasoning. I upload at least one video a month for this series.


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