Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Risk of Avoiding Risk

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Life’s surface-level risks distract us with their nearness, and the apparent certain consequence of their neglect. All the while the deep risk of refusing our better nature wait to ambush us and those we love long after we’ve forgotten who we ever really were.

I just spent the last hour on the phone with a stranger who lives deep in the darkness of a cave. He’s got his family down there with him, along with $300,000.00 cash. His mom’s there too. He says they’re all miserable, except the daughter who has only ever known the dark, and the mom, who likes the dark as long as her son is near. He told me he thinks he’s found a way out of the darkness. He said he found a near hole where he can see light. He thinks he can enlarge the hole enough to fit his family through; though mom will refuse to leave, she likes the dark; and he’s afraid the money isn’t enough. This stranger told me he’s made up his mind, will remain in the cave despite his wife’s desire for light, and his daughter’s need of light, and the very clear fact that this choice may destroy him. It’s his money, and his mom’s fear, and his own trepidation, which hold him back. I threw down a copy of Going Alone before he plugged up the hole. Maybe they can burn the pages so their daughter can make shadow figures down there in the dark.

My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of The Good Life with me. I’m available on social media at the links below and can be reached via email at softypapa@gmail.com

My book is available here:

Going Alone by Kurt Bell

Going Alone is an independent approach to living, uncovering what is real, and making peace with the facts of what is true no matter how the truth makes us feel. I upload at least one video a week for this series on my YouTube channel.

The Good Life is a formulated plan of objectives and principals designed to help us live a more virtuous life in accord with sound reasoning. I upload at least one video a month for this series.


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