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Outcropping of volcanic ash – Going Alone

Volcanos do more than frighten dinosaurs… In the silent lands of the Eastern Mojave Desert, volcanos once punctuated the landscape with violence, dimension and change. Though there were no dinosaurs then to witness these events, there were animals such as camels, elephants, saber-toothed cats and aboriginal humans. The record of these events is easily found today by anyone with an eye and interest in the story only the Earth can tell, and who are willing to come to such places where there is no one to share the tale, or hear the whisper of the past, or to know the wonder of perceiving deep time in the moment of now

The volcanos of the Eastern Mojave Desert are less a feature of the landscape, as much the cause of it. The many extinct volcanic cinder cones strewn along Routes 40 and 66 between Barstow and Needles, are the result of the interaction between continental plates which draw moisture-laden seabed deep into the crust, to heat and melt under extreme temperature and pressure. It’s the fact of the presence of water in these rocks which lowers their melting point, forming large bubbles of molten Earth which begin to rise back up through the crust like hot air balloons made of lava, burning their way up through an atmosphere of solid rock. These enormous bubbles of hot liquid rock eventually reach the surface of the Earth to “pop” as short-lived volcanos, or freeze in place as rounded, symmetrical Rhyolite domes. The ash that I discover in this video is left over from one such event, which has been such a frequent occurrence in the East Mojave (frequent in terms of geologic time) as to leave the landscape potted and riddled with the remains and memories of volcanism past.


A landscape of volcanism

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