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A life of courage, joy and independence.

Desert fox – Going Alone

Here’s a video of the desert fox which haunted my remote desert camp this past weekend. I was sitting up in the dark with my flashlight off, admiring the stars, and letting my mind swim in the vast empty, when I felt a sudden presence and switched on the light. This fox was standing directly in front of me less than ten feet away and looking right at me. The light didn’t scare it at all, and it even began to come closer, staring straight into the glare, while moving towards me step by step. I gave a sharp “hey fox” which brought the animal to its senses, causing a slow, yet circuitous retreat. I suspect this animal is the top predator in the Deep Water wilds, which is apparently too dry and desolate for larger animals like coyote and cougar (these mountains are the driest place in the USA per rainfall records). This would explain the fox’s bold behavior, and evident curiosity in the face of something (my flashlight shining directly in it’s face) it had probably never before encountered. I suspect the fox has a den nearby, so I’ll look forward to our reunion the next time I overnight in this neighborhood.

My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of The Good Life with me. I’m available on social media at the links below and can be reached via email at softypapa@gmail.com

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Going Alone by Kurt Bell

Going Alone is an independent approach to living, uncovering what is real, and making peace with the facts of what is true no matter how the truth makes us feel. I upload at least one video a week for this series on my YouTube channel.

The Good Life is a formulated plan of objectives and principals designed to help us live a more virtuous life in accord with sound reasoning. I upload at least one video a month for this series.


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