Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The very real pain of suffering – The Good Life – 161203 v.12.01

Do you feel anxious about life, uncertain about the future or what you should do to make the best use of your time and opportunity of living? Perhaps it’s time to examine your objectives and principals? What goals have you set for yourself? Are you simply living day to day as an undirected chain of events and circumstances? I’d like to share with you my own life plan, which I hope may prove helpful as you work to gain better control and order within your own living. This is not a prescription for life, but merely a sharing of a methodology which I have developed which has helped me greatly in my own life, and which I sincerely hope might prove useful to others.


Individuals must be preserved and protected within the rights prescribed for all by the greater community. The community must work hard to develop and maintain these standards, always seeking to modify and improve as the community grows and becomes more mature regarding the best way to secure the human welfare of everyone.


  1. The Development and Maintenance of Good, Sound Principals
  2. The Cultivation of Good Emotional Reactions
  3. The Performance of Good Actions


  1. The Atomic Principal
  2. The Principal of Nature
  3. The Principal of Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
  4. The Social Principal
  5. Temperance (Suffering)
  6. Agency & Indifference
  7. The Best Seat in the House
  8. Reason
  9. Purpose (Virtue)
  10. The Path of Wildness
  11. The Risk of Avoiding Risk
  12. Sin and Damnation (Just Live!)
  13. Complete Oblivion
  14. Willful Time Management


  1. Gather My Thoughts Before Dawn
  2. Compile My Thoughts Over Lunch
  3. Record My Thoughts Before Dinner
  4. Die Before Bed


Good, hard labor. Good, honest, thoughts, Good, sincere, communication. Good, indifferent, dying.


# Objective


A vast eternity behind us, another stretching before… We walk not along any firm footing of a lifetime, but upon dissoluble footsteps in time, unstable moments of uneven footing, like slick, twisting logs across a quicksand bog. This moment I teeter to the right, arms flailing, while next I’m carried headlong, dancing across stones slick with moss. My life is in these moments more than any dream of a decade hence.


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