Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Good Life – 161128 v.10.1

The sea is everywhere… Washing us and bathing us with a cold, clear invitation into its depths. Not so much an invitation, but an expectation. We’ll one day make the swim. That’s for sure… But until then we cling to the sharp rocks, holding tight, imagining we’ll never lose our grip. The trick is to keep our heart steady and calm despite the wet and the cold; to smile and speak kindly to others, honestly, without affectation of delusion or false promise. And when at last we do let go, and begin sinking, to look back through the watery haze at the loved ones we leave behind, knowing we’d been sincerely with them during our life and trial. Happy still…despite the gulping convulsions and final intact of salty brine.

I will not sacrifice the few for the benefit of the many.


  1. The Development and Maintenance of Good Principals
  2. The Execution of Good Emotional Reactions
  3. The Performance of Good Actions


  1. Atomic Principal
  2. Principal of Nature (Paradigm & Firmware)
  3. Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
  4. Social Principal
  5. Principal of Temperance
  6. Agency & Indifference
  7. The Best Seat in the House
  8. Reason
  9. Virtue
  10. Path of Wildness
  11. Risk of Avoiding Risk
  12. Oblivion
  13. Willful Time Management


  1. Collect My Thoughts Before Dawn
  2. Compile My Thoughts Over Lunch
  3. Record My Thoughts Before Dinner
  4. Die Before Bed

I will move through the day cognizant of my limits. Remembering where my duty starts and ends. Helpful at all times. Contained at all times. An equal apparatus of efficiency and good will.


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