Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Good Life -161122 v.8.0

I will approach the day in earnest, confident that my most important affairs are all in order. I’ll hold a steady, even gaze through every scene I encounter. I will not avert my eyes or shirk from the fact of my many deficiencies and failings. I’ll carry on despite these facts while simultaneously attendant to their improvement; like a soldier attempting to mend his torn shirt with needle and thread while marching off to the next campaign.

I must work to ensure my decisions and actions are in alignment with the best and most complete understanding of human and civil rights. This, in order that I do not impede or inhibit either in pursuit of the greater common good.


  1. The Development and Maintenance of Good Principals
  2. The Execution of Good Emotional Reactions
  3. The Performance of Good Actions


  1. The Atomic Principal
  2. The Principal of Nature (Paradigm)
  3. The Social Principal
  4. The Principal of Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
  5. Temperance
  6. Agency and Indifference
  7. The Best Seat in the House
  8. Reason
  9. Virtue
  10. The Path of Wildness
  11. Willful Time Management


  1. Collect My Thoughts Before Dawn
  2. Compose My Thoughts Over Lunch
  3. Record My Thoughts Before Dinner
  4. Death Before Bed

The day passed well, despite some challenging moments, the anticipation of which distracted my thoughts the night prior. When the challenge at last arrived I found my anxiety was not in vain. Those were some difficult moments and circumstances at work today. I did stumble and even fall a time or two. Like a walk alone in the deep desert, I fell over along the way. And like my time in the desert I did not blame the landscape, not the plants, not even the jackrabbits or even my shoes. I simply recovered my balance and footing, dusted myself off if I’d fallen over, massaged a lightly twisted ankle, and reminded myself to be more cautious in future when crossing such terrain. Such was my reaction in the conference room today, when my words fell over of their own poor balance and execution.


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