Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Good Life – 161121 v.8.0

Today’s action plan is to perform my work and duty well; to go as prepared as I possibly can; to present my ideas honestly and sincerely, neither adding flourish nor masking known deficit; and to be ready to listen to objection, argument, and reason against these, while standing ready to humbly accept any praise. I endeavor to use whatever information, guidance and correction – however it may come – to the more worthy end of improving my work for the benefit of the public whom I serve, and the objectives of the common good. I will suffer and withstand any adversity without fluster, recognizing these forces as no more than the wind and rain upon the land, pelting and eroding, removing material, destroying what is now, in favor of what is to become. This is how I shall strive to pass the current day.

The Good Life – 161121 v.8.0
The activity of The Good Life Meditation is a daily exercise to remember, itemize and explore my personal life objectives and principals.

The few and less powerful must be protected from the many and the powerful. The collective must agree to codify and abide comprehensive social guidelines to achieve this end, granting power to moderate these principals to systems and institutions carefully designed to correct, improve and preserve across generations.

1. The Development of Good Principals
2. The Cultivation of Good Emotional Reactions
3. The Performance of Good Actions

1. Atomic Principal
2. Nature (Paradigm)
3. Social Principal
4. Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
5. Temperance
6. Agency & Indifference
7. Best  Seat in the House
8. Reason
9. Virtue
10. The Path of Wildness
11. Willful Time Management

1. Collect my thoughts before dawn
2. Compose my thoughts over lunch
3. Record my thoughts before dinner
4. Die before bedtime


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