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A life of courage, joy and independence.

The Good Life – 161117 v.7.0

The hours passed quite well today. Quickly…the way time passes when we’re productive and well-engaged. There were a few moments where things got hot, warm from the rising anxiety of the group and individuals with whom I was engaged. And a few other times where I recognized my own personal fire lit and glowing, growing slowly, threatening a mild and immediate personal conflagration. Early warning though has it’s advantages, as I did see these moments approach, and was able to douse the tempting embers with temperance and reason.

The Good Life – 111716 HOS v.7.0
The Good Life is an attempt at bringing to bear my resolve and intellect towards the challenge of better living. An attempt to go alone in building a system of objectives and principals, augmented by reference to action and a deliberate effort to level the playing field of expectation ahead of the new day. Though I work to build this structure on my own, I rely on my experience as well as input from thinkers, authors, content creators, as well as friends and acquaintances who have shared their life ideas and perspectives. The superstructure of my philosophy is built of bits and pieces formed my many over the long expanse of our species’ history.

I must respect and abide the rights of individuals and groups which have been developed and codified by my society. I must also work to participate in the further development and definition of these rights, helping to refine these through input as a voter, citizen, community member, family man and individual.

1. The Development and Maintenance of Good Principals
2. The Cultivation of Good Emotional Responses
3. The Performance of Good Actions
1. The Atomic Principal
2.  The Principal of Nature
3. The Social Principal
4. Temperance
5. Agency and Indifference
6. The Best Seat in the House
7. Reason
8. Virtue
9. The Path of Wildness
10. Willful Time Management

1. Collect my thoughts before breakfast
2. Compile these during lunch
3. Record after dinner
4. Die before bed

Work. Dedicated and hard. Nine solid hours of true and honest thought and action towards the quite worthwhile aims of the public I serve. There’s a half hour of lunch and two short breaks in the middle and between which I’ll use well towards a bit of rest to keep my body and mind lively. After work I’ll go home, enjoying the commute, making good use of the time. At home, I’ll be there for my family. A nice, long walk with the dog and some playtime together tossing his toy. A simple and pleasant use of time which I know will mean so much to him and make him happy.  Dinner with my family. Some nice moments together ahead of the night. Pleasant talk and reflection on the day and perhaps some forward-looking consideration of what is to come.

All will burn soon… If not in flames then certainly through the slow conflagration of dissolution. Today is the day my loved ones will pass. How I’ll miss them. Better to linger for a moment and give my wife and daughter a kiss on the cheek before I depart for the day. My job will certainly be lost today. As will my health. Difficult people I’ll encounter. Individuals brimming with pride, anger, vengeance, ignorance and rage. People who may have power over me, or with whom I must consort and attempt cooperation. My will and self-control will falter. I’ll fail at every turn. Ruin awaits. Followed fast by death and absolute dissolution.


My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of the experience of life with me. I’m available on social media at the links below and can be reached via email at dinnerbytheriver@gmail.com

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