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A life of courage, joy and independence.

Who rescued who?

I experienced a touching moment today which I’d like to share. There was a shelter at the pet store we visited this morning, offering an assortment of unwanted dogs to anyone lucky enough to accept them. As we entered the store, my family and I noticed a curious-looking large breed dog with stubby little legs happily squeaking a chew toy next to a seated shelter volunteer; an older woman with a kind face, and an obvious abundance of love for vulnerable innocents. The dog made us all smile with his happy disposition and playful way.

After our shopping was complete, and we departed the store, we stopped to spend a little more time with the doggies. I noticed then that the big dog had a new friend. A 20-something young woman with beautiful long hair was seated on the ground next to him, loving him up in a way that had the big dog glowing like I didn’t know dogs could do. I was lucky to arrive just in time to hear his story.

The big dog had belonged to a 26 year old woman with beautiful long hair, who’d loved him like her own child. He’d been with her since he was a puppy, and the two were as close as any dog and human can be. The young woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the dog stayed with her in hospice until the day before she died.

After she was gone the dog fell into a long depression, refusing to eat, and failing of health. The older woman from the shelter became his surrogate best friend, enlisting both her skill as an rescue worker, as well as her innate loving virtue to bring the big dog back from the dark effect of his loss.

Sometime between when my family and I entered the store, and our return outside, the young woman – now seated on the ground with the big dog in her lap, offering him pats, rubs and kisses – had appeared and come directly to the dog, who responded to her for both the attention and love she bestowed, as well as the happy memory she must certainly elicit.

I lingered long enough to ascertain that the big dog would indeed be going home with the young woman. And as I sit and type these words now, I must catch the lump in my throat for the happy days ahead for a beautiful big dog with stubby little legs, who was in need of a home and love; and for the special young woman with ample compassion and recognition of the very best gifts life can offer. And of course for the shelter, love and protection of the rescue volunteers who made it all possible.


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