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Why I Support Bernie Sanders for President

The current presidential election is the first for my family since returning to the United States. Our recent dinnertime chats have covered everything from issues to candidates, to media coverage and the process of election. I’ve told my teenage daughter several times that it’s important to know the reasons we support a particular candidate, and to be willing to share our opinions in a public forum, and further willing to weather and listen clearly to any and all criticism offered by others. With this in mind I’ve decided to list and explain the reasons I support Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

I support Bernie Sanders for President because his vision for the future is similar to my own. His plans for improvement align with my own values which are summarized below. The nine listed bullet points are prioritized as Bare Necessities which we must have in place to ensure the well-being of our planet, species and foundation social values; Better Living which will help improve the quality of life in the USA and our success as a nation; and The Good Life which are bonus objectives which may speed the improvement of our society and nation in generations to come.

  • The Bare Necessities
    • Military 2.0
      Smaller, smarter, more effective military infrastructure and chain of command leveraging technology to facilitate a more defensive posture with reliance on fewer people and resources
    • Healthy Environment
      Front and center attention and action to accurately identify and address issues of environmental concern affecting both domestic and global ecologies and ecosystems.
    • Church, State Separation
      Protection of the rights of those who believe to pursue their faith without government interference. Establishment and maintenance of laws to protect those of differing beliefs or no religious belief to enjoy a government free of religious bias.
  • Better Living
    • Education 2.0
      Renewed focus on public education at all levels. Emphasis to reduce or eliminate costs wherever possible to ensure access to anyone who wants it. Free availability of curriculum content via on-line learning portals for the benefit of anyone with an Internet connection.
    • New Deal 2.0
      Development of new and improved social welfare systems sufficient to provide a reasonable social safety net for every age and economic challenge. The establishment of new public works infrastructure to offset costs and provide valuable benefits for communities across the country.
    • New Tax Code
      Development of a new tax code sufficient to fund new social services. On this point I’m actually interested in the proposals put forth by Donald Trump. Especially his new tax rates with zero tax due for individuals making under $25,000 a year and couples making less than $50,000.
    • Banking Regulation
      Implementation of new banking regulation similar to the 1933 Glass-Steagall act enacted after the Great Depression to separate commercial and investment banking activities.
  • The Good Life
    • Supreme Court
      Appointment of more left-leaning justices to effect a more liberal and egalitarian society.
    • Foreign Policy
      Development and pursuit of more global-oriented foreign policy. Less focus on nationalism.

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