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English immersion

I received an email today from one of Emily’s high school teachers. I thought I’d share the message here for any who may be interested in the process of acclimating young minds to a new culture and language. I’ve noted the same changes myself which Emily’s teacher cites below. An astonishing transformation in just over a year from a hesitant, cautious outsider to a bold and confident American on the verge of becoming a native English speaker.

Hi Kurt,

I wanted to let you know that Emily has improved tremendously in her English skills this year, as well as her confidence. I’ll share just one example with you: The last several times I had students work in groups, Emily has taken the lead in her group. She’s the one who is telling other students what to do, and debating with them on what the correct answers are – it’s hard to believe it’s the same girl that hardly said a word in September. She has grown so much since the beginning of the year and it’s been a pleasure for me to see. She should be very proud of her accomplishments. I know she’ll continue to be successful in the future.

Emily’s 9th grade math teacher


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