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First Adventure Day

The day after tomorrow will be the first official adventure day in the new Going Alone YouTube series. My top three options for this inaugural outing are:

  1. Solo Hike into the Deep Desert
  2. GoPro Free diving alone in the Pacific Ocean
  3. 24 hour 500+ mile solo motorcycle trip

It looks like temperatures in the desert will top 100F (38C) which makes the ocean an attractive choice. On the other hand, weather like this is simply brilliant for motorcycling in the high mountains, where the temps will be cool and pleasant, and the high vantage might offer some incredible vistas of the scorching desert far below. If I time it right I may even be able to descend from the mountains at evening to motor out into the fast cooling desert for a long night ride home through the blazing afterglow. The desert should be especially lovely after dark, with the smell of heat, and the face of a nearly full moon pasting the landscape in pale, glowing tones. Throw in lunch at a mountain diner and dinner at some greasy spoon truck stop and this option has all the makings of a fun day alone.

I think I’ve convinced myself… Unless something changes, number three it is. Though I know even the most careful plans have a way of turning into something else altogether. In a way, I’m counting on it. 😉



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