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Getting a job somewhere else

I was contacted today by a young man seeking work in another state. I thought I’d post my response here for other job seekers to consider. It’s a formula which has worked for me several times.


Hi David. I think I can help as I have recently done the same thing. When I decided to come back to the United States I began looking for jobs on the Internet. I applied for many jobs online and put the word out with friends in the area where I wanted to live asking them to let me know if they heard of any good job opportunities. I was told about a very good job in Los Angeles. However, the job required skills that I didn’t have and I wasn’t fully qualified at that time. I then researched training and spent my own money taking business courses online in order to get the certification I needed. That took several months of evening and weekend effort. When I thought my resume was in good shape with the necessary certifications, I then sent a copy into the electronic filtering system for that particular agency. With the new technical keywords in place for my certification, my resume was picked up and sent on to the hiring manager who arranged an interview. I then flew to the United States twice at my own expense for two separate interviews. With no guarantees in place I was able to land the job and the big gamble paid off. Please keep in mind that I was fully prepared to accept failure in the event the interviews didn’t work out. That’s the key element in this story, a willingness to try and a willingness to fail, and then try again as many times as necessary while adjusting expectations to match whatever reality experience uncovered. I expect the same model will work for you if you want to work in Utah. Find out what the qualifications are for the job you’re after and then get those qualifications on your resume. Develop a concise, honest and complete resume and then send it to the people who are in charge of hiring at the place(s) where you want to work. When you get a bite, be ready to fork out your own money (start saving now) to drive or fly to Utah for an interview. I don’t need to tell you about the importance of a nice haircut, professional outfit and no displayed tattoos or excessive piercings. Do not tell the interviewer about all of the expenses and effort that you’ve made to get there. That stuff will come out in it’s own time and should not be a offered as a reason to hire you. The focus during the interview is what THEIR NEED IS and why YOU ARE THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB. if you can demonstrate that you have the skills, talent and ability for the role then you will probably get the job; unless of course there’s someone with better skills and ability than you, which is often the case and just another risk of the game. If you’re willing to follow this difficult, time intensive and costly formula then you can probably work at any job you like in any area of the world you desire. Good luck!

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