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One day: Travel across the globe – Return to the USA – LylesBrother

I prefer immediate challenges

I prefer immediate challenges

I prefer my adventure close at hand. The best challenges are immediate, demanding spontaneous action with minimal forethought and necessitating a keen reliance on instinct at the moment of engagement. As when a large, unleashed dog rounds a corner and aggressively charges, or when opportunity rushes past without stopping, or when we receive a phone call which demands the satisfaction of swift and immediate action. In such circumstance I’d rather not linger long in anticipation of the fray and would rather trust my most immediate words and movements though they be borne of heat and spontaneity which perhaps can be neither recoiled nor reconsidered. So it’s with great impatience and no little discomfort that I sit in this bus, riding along the east coast of central Japan, en route to an important job interview tomorrow on the other side of the earth.

I’ve known this interview was coming. For weeks, months really, as I pursued this job, this important chance and opportunity to transition my family from our current home in Japan to a new life in the USA. Until today though I’ve met the challenge in my more characteristic, immediate manner by taking on daily tasks related to training and familiarizing myself with the products, protocols and operations related to the new field of Internet Technology I wish to enter, to making myself ready for this chance, and in so doing slaying a dozen dragons a week preparing for this one important journey and interview. And now the time is here, and I’ve done about as much preparation as I can and must get on with the final task and challenge, to sit the interview of a lifetime, and to do my best to demonstrate that I might be the right person for the job; and in so doing, perhaps deliver to myself and my family the chance to live out yet another chapter of life in a new and challenging place, to meet new people and experience new ways and to write some pages of living unfamiliar and strange.

So let’s get on with it. Let this bus deliver me to Tokyo station, where I can then transition to the Narita Express train which will take me to Narita airport. And from there to San Francisco via Delta airlines and then to Los Angeles International airport to meet my brother who will give me a place to clean up, sleep one night and then go in and get this task done. For better or worse, to get it done. I only wish I could do it now and get it over with. This waiting to enjoin the challenge is simply not the way I prefer to do things.


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