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“Note* You may use anything in this email, as I have excluded anything I feel to be too private. *End Note

Hi Kurt,
I am a martial artist by trade. I have trained since I was in high school (coming up on 12 years now) and I have been and assistant instructor for 8 of those years. I love the martial arts and more so I love to teach and help other learn. I have recently been given permission by my organization to open my own school. Something I have wanted since I started learning myself; and I would really love to open my own school. But, For the past couple of years I have felt dissatisfied with my life. I truly long for adventure and to travel the world (Japan being one of the first places I want to visit). I don’t just want to do it 2 weeks at a time once a year. I would really love to experience my destination for a longer period, up to a year or more at a time. Sometimes, most of the time, I feel like I want to forsake this “world” and just go into the wild, or rather, I want to leave everything, travel the world, and disappear. Yet, I realize I can not have a school and be traveling all the time. Even if I was to just choose Japan to go stay in for a few years, there would be no way I could have a school there. My organization does have ties with the Japanese organization, good enough for me to go train there but not teach there.

So yes I have thought of going there to teach english, but though I have good grammar (for the most part), my spelling is atrocious (I have a mild form of dyslexia). I also messed up in that I did poorly in high school and I do not have a collage education. I did get a trade diploma, right after high school, in automotive work, but after working in the field for a year, found out that I not only despise working on cars, but I get so angry (ragingly mad) when I work on them, that I had to quit that line of work for my own health. I’m 28, and I do want to go back to school, but sometimes I feel like I am starting so late that there is no point. I know this isn’t true, though it is one of my biggest hurtles.

Thank you for all you do, and for being to wonderful person you are!



Welcome to the LylesBrother blog. My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of life with me. If you are someone struggling to find your footing in life then please consider visiting our self-help and support website at http://sonsofgrizzly.com. I’m also available on social media if you have questions or just want to chat and say hi. All links are listed below. I look forward to meeting you on-line. Have a great day!

The Path of WildnessThe Path of Wildness is easy to find
The course of a stream
Leaves blown in the wind
A beast’s track through the brush
And the direction of our first inclination

The Path of Wildness is an answer and response to a prescribed way of life which may leave some individuals with a sense that their living is little more than a series of pre-determined, step-like episodes between birth and death. The stages of living between these events: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood and senior are themselves natural and in accord with the needs of the species and most individuals. Many find their satisfaction in living this course and to these individuals I have little or nothing to say. Others though long for something more; something innate, genetic and seemingly calling. Adventure and change can give a degree of satisfaction and relief yet even these may seem too tame. To those who feel drawn to something beyond the entertainment and stimulation of senses I offer a walk along The Path of Wildness. Don’t bother penciling the event in your schedule, preparing a pack with goodies and supplies or even inviting a friend along, for this experience is along the course of your first inclination and you must surely always go alone.

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