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How to pick a YouTube channel name

I want to get started on YouTube. What should I call my channel?

Though anyone can make a new channel in less than an hour, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to turn a brand new channel into a good or great channel. One of the first things you need to do is decide what kind of content you will create and upload and what type of “brand” you will need to support it. These decisions will help you to decide what to name your channel. I was recently contacted by a young boy in Australia who is interested in insects and wants to begin uploading videos about the six-legged critters he finds crawling around his backyard and in the woods and fields beyond his home. He specifically asked about what name to select for his channel and I offered him a simple formula which has worked out well for me several times. Using my own channels as an example I suggested that there is something common to all of the names. Take a look:


All of these names consist of two or more regular words which together describe the channel and give the channel a unique ID or brand name. This is very important to think about from the start. I suggested to my young friend that he avoid the use of numbers or words which don’t mean anything or are difficult to remember or spell, and instead try to think of some words which really capture the spirit of the channel he wants to create, a name which tells a new viewer about the channel theme even before they see a single video. Brainstorm a whole list of such words and then put try to put them together in creative and interesting ways. For example, my young friend’s name is Tommy Babin and I offered a few suggestions such as AustraliaTom or BabinsBugs (assuming they are available) as examples before asking him to try and think up some of his own. I asked young Tommy to talk it over with his family and friends and solicit ideas he may not otherwise think of on his own. I also cautioned him against picking a name which might corral his channel into a particular region or theme which he might later regret, though in the end any name at all will be acceptable if the content is good. That said, it’s nevertheless worthwhile for Tommy to spend a little time coming up with a descriptive, easy to understand and remember name from the start. Likewise for any new YouTubers who’s interests would be well served by spending a few hours at the branding drawing board, coming up with first a channel theme, then a name and then a look which is sure to capture and hold the attention of prospective subscribers.

Good luck!

One comment on “How to pick a YouTube channel name

  1. owenburtonhtc
    May 29, 2013

    Really like this post, helped me a lot 🙂

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