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Open letter on the role of forums in the era of new media

I sent the message below to a friend who administers a wonderful Japan forum and who is working on ways to attract the participation of content creators. I’d love to hear the thoughts of others on this subject.

“I think I’ve had a bit of an epiphany in recent weeks. I’m starting to realize that most content creators (myself sadly included) are more interested in making new content than social interaction. Even ****** has recently told me that he feels he could do better on YouTube if he would simply interact less (though he and I both know this idea is contrary to new media strategies). My great desire when I have free time is to get to work on the next project, and things like answering email and participating in discussions is more of a distracting chore than a form of relaxation or fun. It’s embarrassing to admit this as I realize how self-centered I really am, though I’m starting to wonder if other content creators are like this as well and if this is why they seem unwilling to participate in venues without a direct and obvious benefit to their bottom-line (views). Places like forums are clearly beneficial though the feeling may be that we are “off duty” in such places which I think makes it hard to remember how useful interaction in them might be. Facebook and Twitter offer the reward of shares and retweets which are the type of immediate gratification which I think makes content creators happy and causes them to want to participate. These are just some thoughts I’m having as we face down the future of social media and content dissemination.”

Kurt Bell


One comment on “Open letter on the role of forums in the era of new media

  1. theandysan
    March 28, 2013

    I usually don’t get an overwhelmingly large queue of emails and comments to reply to, so it’s pretty easy for me to dedicate time to answering questions. But even if I did, I could schedule when I answer emails & reply to comments and when I record & edit videos. Usually when I’m rendering stuff is a good time to do it (like now, for example).

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