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Breathing new life to old YouTube videos

Kurt BellHey content creators! Do you have a large catalog of old content which could use fresh views? I’d like to share with you a change I’ve made in my YouTube marketing strategy which I hope might be helpful to others. With each new upload I do a keyword search against my own channels to find related videos to cross link as video responses. When that’s done I make a new WordPress blog to feature the new upload and then embed one or more of the related vids I found. This creates an off-YouTube Internet content node of one to three similar videos on a single page with a nice appearance, formatting, additional content (such as maps and still photos) and loads of links back to YouTube. Blogging videos is nothing new though I’m hoping that grouping related videos on a single page might prove helpful to those who are searching Google and other search engines for related content. I’ll include a sample link below if anyone’s curious. Have a great day making and sharing on the Internet!

Here’s a link to an example blog post: http://wp.me/p5A2F-Z9



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