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A life of courage, joy and independence.

How can I become a YouTube vlogger?

Kurt BellI sometimes get this question from aspiring vloggers and I’ve come up with an answer that I hope might help. I always suggest that those seeking after a direction and voice on YouTube should begin with a one year warm-up project. Basically, create a brand new channel that you will designate as your personal vlogging space. After the channel is set up, begin making one short vlog each and every day on any topic you like. There’s no theme or limit to what you can talk about and no time limit for your videos. One rule is that you are not allowed to edit, retake or even view your own videos. You must simply hit the start button, talk ’till you’re done, upload and move on. It is OK to read viewer comments but you can’t watch your own video. In this way you will develop your content with input from viewers (though there may be few to none at first) and not through the biased suspicions, doubts and colored lens of ego and self-image. If you do this for a year you should likely emerge with a voice, style and relative level of comfort with vlogging which only practice and effort can achieve. You may even finish up with a channel theme and topics upon which you can build a strong channel. And don’t expect anyone to watch during that year, as this is a warm-up exercise after all. When you are ready don’t forget to begin marketing your content and channel though even then it’s best to simply let viewers find you through your honest efforts at sharing and to avoid excess fuss of worry over view or subscriber counts. Good luck!


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