Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

Year-end summary

How my family saved me - THUMBNAIL RECTANGLEMy Australian friend Lindsay posted a great year-end summary on her Facebook wall. Congratulations to her on some terrific advances in her career as a professional illustrator! Lindsay asked about my year and I thought I’d post my response here. 2012 had its share of ups and downs, and if precedence holds then ten years from now I’ll probably forget the ups and remember with gratitude the downs. Life sure is funny that way… Anyway, I’m especially happy to see our daughter Emily growing into a fine young lady, taking on so many of her mother’s qualities of character and maybe learning to tell a few bad jokes from me. That alone makes 2012 a success. I’m impressed with and proud of my wife for her tireless efforts taking care of her family, though I hope she’ll begin to give more time to herself as Emily prepares to embark on adolescence. As for me, I’m most delighted this year with the impact my change in diet has effected on my energy, fitness and sense of well being. In hindsight it makes perfect sense that what and when I eat should dictate and color the quality of my days. It’s nice to feel like a young man again, a second chance almost, and one you can be sure I will not waste or throw away by reverting back to my old ways of eating or by taking even a single day for granted. So long 2012… The experience of you wasn’t always easy though it certainly was good. I also wish the best to all of my friends and family out there. :-)


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