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One step and you’re on the path

One step and you're on the path - The Path of Wildness

I made this in response to a Facebook status post from a young man who would like to make a change in the direction of being more outspoken and involved in the world around him. I suggested to him that he might be but a step away from making the change he desires though he must begin soon as every year he waits will likely strengthen his behavior in one direction or the other. If there is one message I could offer young people it would be to let them know that it is more important to have courage sooner than later. The mistakes of youth are essential to the development of character. Don’t be frivolous, careless or reckless in living but do live. Do move. Do perform useful, fun and interesting actions in the direction of the life you wish to live. Take that step onto the path with an understanding that you will sometimes become lost, confused. Injury and death may even wait; yet, this last awaits us all anyway and what better way to meet it than along the course of your inspired living than huddled in the corner somewhere after a long lifetime of hesitancy.

The Path of WildnessThe Path of Wildness is easy to find
The course of a stream
Leaves blown in the wind
A beast’s track through the brush
And the direction of our first inclination

The Path of Wildness is an answer and response to a prescribed way of life which may leave some individuals with a sense that their living is little more than a series of pre-determined, step-like episodes between birth and death. The stages of living between these events: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood and senior are themselves natural and in accord with the needs of the species and most individuals. Many find their satisfaction in living this course and to these individuals I have little or nothing to say. Others though long for something more; something innate, genetic and seemingly calling. Adventure and change can give a degree of satisfaction and relief yet even these may seem too tame. To those who feel drawn to something beyond the entertainment and stimulation of senses I offer a walk along The Path of Wildness. Don’t bother penciling the event in your schedule, preparing a pack with goodies and supplies or even inviting a friend along, for this experience is along the course of your first inclination and you must surely always go alone.

The Path of Wildness Resources


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