Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

A single day

LylesBrotherWhen I was a boy my family would sometimes go to a big amusement park called Magic Mountain. Mom and dad would do their thing while my brother Lyle and I were free to roam the park all day. Such fun we had! I remember that every time we went, a few hours before closing, I would become especially eager and anxious to squeeze the most fun out of the remaining time. Lyle and I would literally run from ride to ride, smiling and laughing the whole time despite the fatigue in our muscles. That last hour at Magic Mountain while the sun set and the sky began to darken was always the best, the most fun and the most memorable to me. I feel like that now… Though I’m not expecting to die anytime soon I can certainly see how the sun is dipping lower on the horizon, the air is starting to cool and the first hint of evening is creeping over the landscape. I want to run again, to dash and move while the light remains and to experience as much as possible and to be the best man I can muster while I’ve the opportunity to do so. What a thing it is to be alive for a single day from dawn to dusk. Have a great day, everyone! :-)


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