Kurt Bell

A life of courage, joy and independence.

Discourse on The Path of Wildness

The Path of Wildness
The path of wildness is easy to find
The course of a stream
Leaves blown in the wind
A beast’s track through the brush
And the direction of our first inclination

What Type of Philosopher Are You?
First of all
What kind of philosopher are you?
Social – with an interest in community
Spiritual – lost in awe and wonder
Practical – seeking efficiency and order
Or poetic – in league with music and art

Poetic Philosopher
As a poetic philosopher
I see the beauty of insight
The music of early understanding
And the deep visceral sensation
Of being touched

I offer no laws
Or answers
Only my own record
Of honest observation

Reckoning The Path of Wildness
The course of our first inclination
Must be forever reckoned
Again…and again

It may be helpful
To close one eye (the right perhaps)
When reckoning The Path of Wildness

Touch the landscape at times
When you walk

The Path Must Be Walked Alone
How can I give any accounting
To my fellow man
Of a landscape which is quite invisible
To their own nature

Enemy of Your Way
The great enemy and obstacle
To The Path of Wildness
Is the sure and many prescriptions
Offered from birth
By a nameless, featureless them or they
Who’s standard few dispute
And to whom allegiance
Is but dying before death
But do not despair
For the seeming omnipresence
Is a thin veil
Which, once removed
Reveals the rich and true landscape
Of individual choice
Through which The Path of Wildness
Is found at once
With the first step forward

Along The Path
The earth offers a thousand amusements at once
To those upon the path

Those upon the path
May walk as in a daze
Beware their careless steps
See how admirably they weave

Those underway have little
interest or desire of the common news
Their every step being a revelation

I’ll rest now for some minutes
In a place devoid of dishonest interest
Heeding thus my own better senses
For my feet are tired and sore
And care not of any finer entertainment
Than to simply stop

I do not worry a bit
That I might become lost
Along this way
Which none surely knows
And where no able rescue party
Could ever be dispatched

But would that I could
Be in some place
Where they could find me
Then perhaps would I be surely lost

The Path of Wildness
Courses right through the city
For wilderness is nowhere absent

Travelers upon the path
Must sometimes carry burden
Which weight should be shifted
And true excess shed
’till a balance of stride is achieved
Thus are responsibilities carried along the path

Avoid excess eye contact
While upon the path
Which course must surely be broken
Wherever fraternity or propriety
Are met

Music of any sort is welcome
should you be so disposed
Whether bird song or heavy metal
Don’t worry
None can really hear

Beware excess consumption
Which ties you to the ground
While the path stretches on

I spent a dollar just now
And my feet feel heavy
Sticking to the ground slightly
With each step

While upon the path
Your imagined concerns will be few
Which respite readies the wits
For the handling of worthy challenges
And tactile dangers

Let your costume upon the path
Reflect your character
And immediate needs
Worry not after galoshes
Until the rain begins to fall
Though better still
Not even then

Imbibe freely along the path
No police, companion or unworthy propriety
Should dissuade your sound sensibilities
Which become sounder still
Under less-sober influence

Arrested movement never slows honest progress
So rest often and wherever
The road is always your own
As long as you travel alone

You’ll know you’re on the path
When you’ve no further thought
Of getting somewhere

We can have no companions on the path
For fellowship always anticipates some end

Once upon the path
Clocks become nearly as useful
as a blade of August grass
Measuring ephemeral passage
Like a summer breeze

Keep your freedom a little longer
By never paying for it

If you ever doubt your way
And question right or left
Choose the darker, dense and overgrown route
For this is where your ignorance is thick
And where passage will surely
Come at a price

Though you were born free
You must always pay to be educated

Sustenance Along The Way
Select savory foods along The Way
But avoid the loudmouthed grocer
Who may beg you to buy more
than you need
Purchase instead always
From the humble, quiet merchant
Who bags and hands you your change
Without a word
Though perhaps with a smile

Don’t dally when it’s time to eat
Fasting is for prophets
Who refrain from food as penance
For the err they must knowingly make

Never attempt to mark the way
Which act is futile and disingenuous
For none can ever follow

Trust your first words as your first steps
Whenever you are upon the path

Sit somewhere where there is nothing to see
And pass the time improving the view

Employ every convenience you find
And learn from it’s example

Appetites and passions are barbarous here
Where there are none to judge
Or notice even

Politely reject any efforts of
companionship along the way
There’s plenty of other time for that

Remember that even if others talk to
you along the way
You are still quite invisible

The path is most surely maintained
When our eyes are nearly shut
And we feel the way with our feet
Open both eyes wide
And lose your way at once

Don’t let tomorrow’s promise
Make a lie of today

Know that the path will corrupt you
Linger long and become someone new
Family and friends will hardly recognize you
Longer still
And none will
Still longer
Nor you

Never answer the phone while upon the path
The signal here is strange
Let them talk to The Machine
It’s what they’re after anyway

When on the path
Downtown feels as cozy as your sofa
Each one an absolute sanctuary

Poets may sometimes spy your game
From the sanctuary of their own Wilderness
There is no bridge
Only semaphores from the edge

When again you’re uncertain of where to go
Simply touch the landscape
For there is no guide

Keep in mind with a knowing smile
That with each step
You are falling apart
And that if you keep this up
You must surely die
A better death
Than if you didn’t

If possible, set off at a young age
When energy and innocence
May propel you further
Though less importantly
Provide strength enough
For a round trip

Sometimes we need to leave the path
To rest with others
Or alone even
Outside the wild

Japanese Falls by Lane Brown


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