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Bear repellent

As a solo hiker in Japan I have cause to be concerned about bears. Hopefully this new device will give me some peace-of-mind while wandering alone in the deep mountains of central Japan. For years my sole defense against bear attack has been an oversize garden trowel. Now I have something Better. This bear spray is rated for Grizzlies. Sadly though the discharge only lasts for seven seconds. It looks like you get one shot which you’d better make count. I’m gonna still carry my garden trowel. 🙂


I once met a bear while hiking in the Grand Tetons though I’ve never even seen one in Japan. There are many bear caution signs on the roads leading into the mountains where I hike and the farmers there regularly warn me to keep my bear bell deployed. My Shizuoka pal Rob told me last week that he recently saw a black bear in a tea field next to his house while he was walking his dog. This was just on the outskirts of Shizuoka city proper. Amazing! I’m glad you and your family were alright. Actually, I’m more afraid of boar than bear. I saw a female boar with her piglet a few weeks back. I was in my car fortunately (fumbling with my camera to try and get a shot which I failed to do). The boar was utterly HUGE and my thoughts went to the man who was gored and killed in that same area a few years back when he startled a male boar. I sometimes find boar wallows in the muddy banks of rivers (it’s disconcerting to see their tusk marks in the mud) and more than one I’ve happened upon bear beds along the bushy slopes of mountain ridges. Incidents like these as well as the periodic sounds of large animals moving in the woods with me just beyond sight were my motivation in making today’s purchase.


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