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Mt. Fuji morning fog asagiri 朝霧 – softypapa

Asagiri 朝霧 is the word use in Japan to describe the creeping fog at dawn which lifts from bodies of water to envelope nearby areas of land. This phenomenon is so common in the lowlands to the west of Mt. Fuji that the area has come to receive the name Asagiri. I made this video in the morning after an overnight stay several kilometers from the base of the mountain. I had no idea at the time that a fog bank was rolling in and felt fortunate to capture the event on video. The original video footage was just under an hour in length which has been sped-up to the current time of roughly a minute and a half. I actually slept through the making of this video as I woke only long enough to set up the camera, configure my alarm and get back to bed.

Welcome to the softypapa channel. My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have chosen to walk awhile with me. I’m available on Facebook and Google+ if you have questions or just want to chat and say hi. I can also be found at the JVLOG forum with other Japan-related content creators. All links are listed below. I look forward to meeting you on-line. Have a great day!

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“Japanese Falls” image included in this video is by the artist Lane Brown. See more of Mr. Brown’s work at the following URL:

Channel Theme Music “Song For Kurt” used with permission by Nowherians. Discover more about the artist and their music at the URL below. Be sure to check out their “Rome Pays Off” recordings.

Channel homepage image “Leaf” by photographer Moyan Brenn.
See more of Mr. Brenn’s photos on Flickr at the link below.


One comment on “Mt. Fuji morning fog asagiri 朝霧 – softypapa

  1. Anonymous
    December 7, 2012

    Breathtaking! I miss Japan… I’m going to show some of your videos (definitely this one) in my Japanese class. Thanks!

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