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My recipe for a better life

The message below is my response to a friend on Facebook asking about the diet changes which have made such a difference in the quality if my life.

“Hey Cookie, I’ll happily share my breakfast tofu salad recipe: lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, sprouts, avocado plus a half cup of tofu. Place all ingredients in a lidded bowl and shake until the tofu has the consistency of cottage cheese. Add some dressing and you’re done. I have that each morning along with a bowl of fresh fruit (banana and kiwi) cut and mixed with plain yogurt. While making my salad I also prepare a cup and a half of oatmeal (no milk) flavored with honey which I take to work to eat as a mid-morning snack. I eat half of a small, healthy school lunch (a well-balanced meal provided by the school) around noon and then finish the second half at 3:00. I then have a bowl of yogurt with fruit and honey at 5:00 and then whatever my wife makes for dinner. Finally I have a small cup of plain yogurt just before bedtime. If I get hungry or want a snack between meals I just have more plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and honey. I no longer drink soda (a little coffee sometime seems ok) or eat any processed foods like chips or candy though I do allow myself an occasional fast food meal when my family is in the mood.

It’s been three months with these changes and my “dark passenger” of moodiness has not returned, I feel so much better, am losing weight, have lots more energy and am enjoying a much happier life. Best of all my family and friends seem to like bring around me more since I lost that moody, emotionally impulsive part of what I once though was my character, but which I now believe was an expression of my body’s reaction to my once wildly fluctuating blood sugar. I hope that this info is helpful. :-)”


2 comments on “My recipe for a better life

  1. Per
    October 8, 2012

    How do you flavour your oatmeal with honey? Just pour it in and mix? And how much do you reccomend? I always eat oatmeal for breakfast but it has gotten a bit bland and boring recently.

    • softypapa
      October 8, 2012

      Yes, I simply pour in a tablespoon or so with each serving. 🙂

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