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Making Old Fashioned Japanese Bamboo Stilts

One of the more delightful of the many forms of Japanese bamboo craft are stilts called takeuma (bamboo horse). The stilts are made from lengths of bamboo outfitted with special wooden footrests. It takes some skill and experience to know how to secure the footrests such that they may bear the weight of a rider as large as an adult.

My father-in-law (Suzuki Hiroshi) made 15 sets of stilts for use at our local elementary schools 100 year anniversary festival. Being a retired woodworker (shoji door and window maker) he has much past experience making bamboo and other wooden toys for his four children and two grandchildren.

Apologies: In the video I inaccurately describe the stilts as takeume which means bamboo plum instead of the proper name takeuma. I also mention at the beginning of the video that my father-in-law will be making bamboo helicopters called taketombo. While he did make the taketombo I sadly did not have a chance to film this and was unable to include any promised footage in the final video.

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One comment on “Making Old Fashioned Japanese Bamboo Stilts

  1. Steve
    September 30, 2010

    This is really cool! My girlfriend and I are going to make some of these to play on. Do you know where I could find/buy the kind of metal stilts shown at the end of the video? Could you describe how the footrests are adjustable? It looks like there might be some sort of rubber fitting that stops the footrest from moving down on the pole. Do you know of any other links on the web regarding this style of stilts? All I could find was this link on ebay:

    Thanks for posting!

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