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Japan Mountain Leech Ambush

While hiking through some tea field in the mountains of central Japan I found Japanese Mountain Leech (Yama Biru) waiting in ambush along the trail.

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3 comments on “Japan Mountain Leech Ambush

  1. Marciexy
    March 24, 2008

    thats for sure, brother

  2. Nate Blakemore
    April 14, 2010

    Great videos of some lovely insects there Kurt! I’m currently looking for information on all kinds of Japanese insects to familiarise myself with which ones to pay caution to and which ones I can approach with confidence. Do you know of any really good guides to specifically Japanese insects that one might encounter on adventures through the mountains in Japan? Although I’m learning Japanese, I would kind of appreciate a book written in English. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the really interesting videos, especially the one on the suzumebachi!

    • softypapa
      April 14, 2010

      Hello Nate, Thank you for writing and for your nice words about my videos. I’m afraid that I do not have any book I can recommend in Japanese or English as I typically get all of my information off the Internet. Whenever I find some new creature here I usually show it to some farmer who will tell me the name in Japanese. I can then usually locate an English description on-line. I hope that this is helpful. Have fun exploring in Japan. Watch out for leeches and giant wasps!

      Kurt 🙂

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