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LOST JAPAN VIDEOS – Abandoned wasabi farm

Japan is a land of waterfalls. And with a history so long and deep there’s usually some mystery or wonder to be found around, over or within each and every … Continue reading

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Going to Japan for Emily’s college

An interesting option we’ve uncovered for Emily’s future is the idea of going back to Japan for college. It seems Japanese universities are keen to admit foreign students, which fact … Continue reading

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Planning for Emily’s college

I’ve discovered an almost boyish delight in helping my daughter plan for college. Though in a way, the experience is like assisting someone prepare their own surprise party – as … Continue reading

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LET’S RIDE to Laguna Beach California 02-24-18 2004 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motovlog

In the few years we’ve been here, the small area between the coastal mountains and the sea has become as pleasant a home to our family as any we’ve ever … Continue reading

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Spooky old deserted Japan farmhouse – 古い放棄された日本の家

This was one of the very first videos in the Abandoned Japan series. The location is roughly 30 miles deep into the rugged coastal range on the east coast of … Continue reading

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GOING ALONE – It’s all hard hike

Some hikes are remembered for the landscape and experiences along the way, or for the emotions felt or challenges overcome. Other hikes are recalled for what is lost in the … Continue reading

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LETS RIDE & talk about my email – 02-15-18 – 2004 BMW R 1150 GS Adventure motovlog

Detecting a pattern and consequence in the email I receive. My name is Kurt Bell and I am delighted that you have taken some time to share a little of … Continue reading

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THE GOOD LIFE – A Human Operating System – 02-15-18

The Good Life Meditation is my daily effort of recounting, considering and developing my personal life objectives and principals. I perform the action of verbally listing and describing these points … Continue reading

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The Risk of Avoiding Risk

Life’s surface-level risks distract us with their nearness, and the apparent certain consequence of their neglect. All the while the deep risk of refusing our better nature wait to ambush … Continue reading

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The Good Life – A human operating system 01-26-18

The desert offers no comfort or reassurance of truth or certainty in the things we believe; which must instead stand or fall to ruin on their own merit, or lack … Continue reading

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