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Desert disconnect – Going Alone

A benefit of going alone into deep wilderness is the fact of losing our hold upon the rope which is our connection and sustaining bond with the larger body of … Continue reading

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Morning lightning in the Mojave desert – Going Alone

Lightning is a seasonal companion in the Eastern Mojave Desert, though I’ve never seen it flash over the Deep-Water Wilderness, which has no high mountains or peaks to draw out … Continue reading

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Exploratory hike – Going Alone

Desert landscapes appear far more alien when viewed from Earth than the cold indifferent altitudes of outer space. The fact that life holds on here with a more tenuous grip … Continue reading

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Outcropping of volcanic ash – Going Alone

Volcanos do more than frighten dinosaurs… In the silent lands of the Eastern Mojave Desert, volcanos once punctuated the landscape with violence, dimension and change. Though there were no dinosaurs … Continue reading

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Desert rock garden – Going Alone

There’s more wind than water in the artistry of desert rocks and sands, where desiccation rather than erosion is the primary tool of transformation and change. Desert rock gardens are … Continue reading

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Embarking at night – Going Alone

Embarking alone into the wild is always hard, and I usually fret and worry about things right up to the moment I hoist the backpack onto my shoulders and set … Continue reading

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The front of a desert river – Going Alone

My adventures in Japan were under the constant accompaniment of water: be in snow or rain falling on my head, waterfalls splashing upon my body, fast-moving streams gliding clear and … Continue reading

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Failed video making attempt – Going Alone

There’s always greater depth to the desert than I can begin to fathom, and the experience of this immensity has a way of faltering my plans and efforts. This is … Continue reading

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Walking through Amboy on Route 66 – Going Alone

Amboy, California is a Route 66 desert ghost town which refuses to die. I’ve been passing through this lonely stop in the middle-of-nowhere since the 1970’s, and it seems as … Continue reading

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Wildness under the sea – Going Alone

A benefit of going alone in the sea is the very near proximity of wildness. As soon as we’re over our head in depth, we immediately lose both our footing … Continue reading

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