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A life of courage, joy and independence.

Sin and Damnation – The Good Life – 161205 HOS v.12.2

The Good Life consists of an allegiance to sound principals, borne and maintained of reason, adhered to in the interest of social good, and the improvement of well-being for ourselves, … Continue reading

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The very real pain of suffering – The Good Life – 161203 v.12.01

Do you feel anxious about life, uncertain about the future or what you should do to make the best use of your time and opportunity of living? Perhaps it’s time … Continue reading

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The Good Life – 161201 v.12.0 “Just Live!”

The inner life isn’t always a refuge. Only when the peace is secured through principled living can we hope to find any peace within or without. Forget the ancient texts … Continue reading

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The Good Life – 161130 v.11.0 “#HumanHashtags”

There’s a warm place within, more secure and restful than any place of retreat. Instead of dreaming of holiday, someplace elsewhere than here, remember the sanctuary within. Go there in … Continue reading

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The Good Life – 161128 v.10.1

The sea is everywhere… Washing us and bathing us with a cold, clear invitation into its depths. Not so much an invitation, but an expectation. We’ll one day make the … Continue reading

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The Good Life – 161127 v.10.0 “Risk and Oblivion”

I had a few instances today where circumstances nearly got the best of me. Nothing major… My life is far too first-world for anything worse, at least not very often. … Continue reading

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The Good Life – 161126 v.10.0

I found myself breaking free from the slipstream of social media yesterday… It’s so easy to simply let the hours slide by distracted by the gossip and glittery distraction of surface-level stimulation. Now that I’m away from all that I need to muster my mind to find some better use of the time.

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The Good Life – 161125 v.9.0 “The Long and Silent Night”

I’ll pass these hours honestly. Honest both to others and myself. It’s a day off from work…however that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of business to attend to. I … Continue reading

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The Good Life -161122 v.8.0

I will approach the day in earnest, confident that my most important affairs are all in order. I’ll hold a steady, even gaze through every scene I encounter. I will not avert my eyes or shirk from the fact of my many deficiencies and failings.

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The Good Life – 161121 v.8.0

Today’s action plan is to perform my work and duty well; to go as prepared as I possibly can; to present my ideas honestly and sincerely, neither adding flourish nor … Continue reading

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